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HP Series of Inkjet Printers

HP is arguably the biggest name in printers for both business and personal use, in the world. They manufacture and supply a large range of photo, all-in-one, and office printers, and they regularly launch new models. HP ink cartridges are also readily available, and using genuine cartridges ensures that they are easily installed, provide the best quality printing, and offer crystal clear document and image reproduction. Replacement HP printer cartridges can be purchased individually, in packs containing all of the required colours, and they can be bought online with next day delivery and no-quibble-guarantee from justinkandpaper.com.

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HP is responsible for many of the printing innovations that we have come to rely on every day. Their introduction of the Thinkjet range of printers meant an end to dot matrix printing and, also in 1984, the company released the first desktop laser printer. Laser printing has previously been prohibitively expensive and while desktop models initially had a high price tag, HP’s launch meant that other companies took on the mantle. Today, desktop laser printers are readily available and comfortably affordable for home users as well as business users.

While many companies have attempted to emulate the popularity, success, and range of printers and HP printer cartridges, only a handful have actually succeeded. The company continues to improve and innovate, ensuring that everybody has access to top quality printing on their desktop, whether at home or in the office. The combination of affordability and quality means that they also feature in schools and other organisations.

Original HP ink cartridges from justinkandpaper.com means that you will receive genuine replacement HP cartridges, guaranteed to offer quality and reliability. You will also enjoy a long life from each cartridge that you buy, but you do need to ensure that you buy cartridges that are compatible with the printer that you own. While some HP printers use individual colour cartridges, others rely on single colour units. Monochrome printers obviously only require a single, black printer cartridge to work.

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