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Just Ink and Paper Voucher Codes

Here at Just Ink and Paper we think it’s important to offer every one of our customers the best price we possibly can. The best way (in our opinion) to do this is to keep our prices as low as we can. This is the reason why we don’t offer Just Ink and Paper discount codes that not everyone will be aware of or able to use. Let’s use an example; if we offered an Epson printer ink discount code that meant those of you with Epson printers could get a percentage off your order we feel that would be unfair to our Canon customers and vice versa. Furthermore, if you aren’t signed up to our mailing list and we send out a cartridge ink discount code in an email you’d miss out on a better deal.

Rather than pick out particular groups of customers or those loyal to particular brands and reward them at the expense of everyone else we have taken the decision to simply keep our prices as low as we can and offer the best service possible. By doing this we keep our pricing fair and equitable no matter who you are, where you live or which printer you choose to use. When we have something special to celebrate (like Christmas or our recent 10 year anniversary) we will put together special offers such as “Spend £X Amount and get free Paper”.

Fake Printer Ink Discount Codes

Unfortunately there has been a trend in recent years for certain discount code websites to set up shop and start offering deals that they have simply made up themselves. The reasoning behind this is simple, if a website receives a high number of visitors it becomes valuable to advertisers who will pay the site’s owner to advertise there. An easy way to attract visitors is to offer seemingly incredible discounts on popular products and printer ink is a very popular online purchase.

The sad thing is that, while it is clearly unethical, there is nothing illegal about this practice so there isn’t much we as a company can do to stop it. The best we can do is keep our customers informed about these websites offering spurious Just Ink and Paper voucher codes and continue keeping our prices low and level of service high. If you see a website offering discount codes for printer ink from Just Ink and Paper you can drop us an email service@justinkandpaper.com or call 03300 375321 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) and let us know.

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