HP DesignJet Series

The Last Word in Large Format Printing

The HP DesignJet series of printers really are the last word in large format printing. From the earliest models to the latest iterations there is a continuous line of successively great machines. From the smaller T120 printers for general use and CAD to the huge 36” professional CAD/GIS T1300 each machine fills a printing need. The investment in a HP DesignJet series printer is considerable and runs into the thousands of pounds in some cases. When you invest so much in a single machine you need to know it is going to work flawlessly for long enough to give a good return.

Keep Your DesignJet Running

The best way to keep your printer running and operating as the manufacturer intended is to keep it topped up with genuine HP ink. Using refilled, remanufactured or non genuine ink cartridges in a high end machine like an HP DesignJet is a recipe for disaster. HP are one of the few companies that have updated the firmware of their printers to prevent the use of non brand cartridges and for good reason. Third party ink is not created to work specifically with HP’s print system and can lead to clogged jets, reduced quality prints, fewer pages printed per cartridge and a shorter operating life.

Printers in this range:

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