Canon Ink Cartridges for PIXMA Printers

Canon Printer Ink

The diversity in the range of Canon printers is astounding. Every home or office printing job is possible with a Canon printer but for the best results you need to use genuine Canon ink cartridges. The prices at Just Ink and Paper are kept as low as possible in order to remain competitive but there are ways to save even more money when you buy ink cartridges for Canon printers as there are a number of size options available. If you want to print anything from plane tickets to photos of precious memories you can buy the ink (and paper) you need right here.

Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges

The beauty of home printing is the amount of time and money you save while achieving the same high quality you expect. One way to reduce printing costs further is to opt for XL Canon Pixma ink cartridges. These ink cartridges are the same physical size and are, therefore, fully compatible but they contain a higher volume of ink and will last longer. These XL and XXL cartridges reduce the frequency with which you change ink cartridges and their higher capacity ink reservoirs lead to a reduction in the amount of waste cartridges created.

Canon Ink Multi Packs

Buying multiple Canon ink cartridges together is also a great way to save money. The two main ways in which to do this are to buy multi packs or buy twin packs. Canon ink multi packs are bundles of two or more different types of ink cartridge that are compatible with the same printer. If you need inks that are commonly used together this is a great way to reduce the total cost. The final way to save money on your next canon ink purchase is to buy a twin pack. The twin pack is great for high volume printing or for those who print frequently.

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