HP DeskJet Series

Which Deskjet Do You Have?

The HP Deskjet Series of printers has been around for so long that the number of models has become very large. Intended to make desktop printing cheap and accessible, this range's success is down to simple design, reliable functionality and low price. It's hard to believe the HP Deskjet has been around since February 1998 but since then over 240 million have been sold worldwide. A modern deskjet can turn out 36 pages per minute and weighs just over 2kgs whereas the original could just about muster 2 pages per minute and weighed in at a hefty 6.3kg! It's clear the humble Deskjet has come a long way.

Keep Your HP Deskjet Running

It is unlikely anyone looking for replacement ink cartridges has one of the original HP Deskjet printers from 28 years ago. The rate at which each model is surpassed means most will own one of the latest iterations but the backwards compatibility of some newer models means that there are still ink cartridges available for older Deskjets. Take a good look at the list below to find yours and click on the link. If the page you go to has no ink listed it is likely that ink cartridges for that printer are no longer in production. If you are unable to find the replacement ink cartridges you need please give us a call on 03300 375321.

Printers in this range:

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