We get quite a few enquiries about XL ink cartridges as it can be difficult to understand why ink manufacturers produce two such cartridges that are for the same printer but appear to be different sizes. The simplest way to explain this is to say that the XL cartridge (despite the name) is actually the same external size as the standard cartridge but they differ in their internal capacity. An XL cartridge is capable of holding more ink and is, therefore, able to print more before running out. XL ink cartridges cost a little more than their standard sized counterparts but the increased amount of possible prints offsets this cost and makes them a more economical choice in most cases.

We sometimes hear from people that print almost exclusively in grayscale or black and white when they have unexpectedly run out of colour ink despite using it only very rarely. While it is true that, left unused long enough, some ink types degrade and stop working there is a simpler explanation. Many printers run short tests every time they start up before printing and part of this testing process is to ensure the flow of ink. To do this the printer releases a small amount of ink from each cartridge into a test pad that remains inside the printer. Done enough times these tests will deplete the reserves of colour ink cartridges even if they are never actually used for printing.

Some manufacturers (especially Canon) use different grades or types of ink depending on the task for which the ink is intended. This can cause confusion when two very similar cartridges are used in the same printer but for different tasks. A good example of the is is Canon’s use of CLI and PGI black ink cartridges. Some printers require both of these black cartridges in order to print text and images but the cartridges are not interchangeable. PGI is a Pigment based ink that is used for printing text while the CLI is a Chromalife ink that is used for printing photos. The CLI Chromalife ink is more resistant to fading when used with Canon photo paper and produces finer detail.

Looking for a PGBK cartridge but can only find PGI? This is a common issue which arises from the way Canon label their printer cartridges. The “PGBK” part of the cartridge name is a reference to the the ink inside and is in fact an additional designation to PGI. This isn’t particularly clear because the only place you’ll see PGBK is on the cartridge packaging (which Just Ink and Paper often removes to make sure the package will make it through your letterbox) or on the body of the cartridge itself. Many of the product packaging images are a little too small to see the PGBK label and you can't see the cartridge until it's delivered but rest assured a PGBK is PGI by another name.

Yes! We only keep stock of GENUINE ink cartridges. We do not deal with any type of remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges. Each of the products we sell comes with a comprehensive 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Many of the items we ship have the retail packaging removed at our warehouse in preparation for postage and to qualify for our letterbox friendly packaging. As all of our prices include delivery any saving we can make in this respect can then be passed onto you in the final online price as advertised on the website.

We receive stock deliveries weekly so we would usually expect to have more stock in the next few days.  If the item you want has been out of stock for longer than 2 weeks, or you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Credit is applied in the ‘Payment’ section of the checkout. As long as you’re logged into your account the credit amount will be shown.

Have you received an email stating multiple parcels have been dispatched? Dont panic! We will sometimes send orders out in multiple packets. All our orders are usually dispatched at the same time, however occasionally the balance of an order may take up to an extra 2 working days to arrive.

Yes. All areas of this site that require you to input your payment information are secure. Any passwords you use are also encrypted.

All prices are inclusive of delivery to all UK and Ireland destinations on our economy delivery service. There are no hidden charges, the price you see is the price you pay. You can upgrade your delivery to a next working day service for an additional fee of £4.99.

Economy Delivery

When choosing our economy delivery service, your order will be sent via Royal Mail and normally take 3-5 working days(not including weekends) for delivery. Most orders are processed and dispatched within 24 working hours. Orders received after 12 midday will be shipped the following working day, orders placed over the weekend will be dispatched on Monday.

Should your order not arrive within 3-5 working days (not including weekends) we are required to wait 10 working days before we are able to assume the items have been 'Lost in the Post'. Please contact us after 10 working days have elapsed and we will then be able to offer a resend or a refund.

Christmas Deliveries

Christmas is a very busy time for Royal mail and occaisionally ink cartridge deliveries can be slower over the festive period. Please be patient as your delivery may be a couple of days later than expected.

If you use the search box at the top of the page to find your printer, or via the drop down menus on the homepage, you can add a printer once on the printer page.

For Example

If you wanted to save this printer:Pixma MG-7750

As long as you are logged in there will be button at the top right hand corner of the product page that says 'SAVE TO MY PRINTERS'

Save your Printer

If you click that button it will add said printer to the bar at the top of the page under 'Here are your saved printers'. You are able to add more than one printer, if you would like to remove a printer from your saved printers list simply click 'Manage Printers' and then click the small bin icon in the right corner of whichever printer it is you wish to remove.

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