Canon S Series

A Long History of Printing

By far one of the most well known and trusted names in the printing world, Canon printers are in many of our homes and offices. The Canon S series of printers encapsulate everything available to the home or office environment on a budget friendly scale. Innovation has always been at the core of everything Canon does and, in the early days of the S series Canon brought out the Bubble Jet. An advancement in print technology, the Bubble Jet outperformed the existing piezoelectric systems and took the industry by storm. The Canon Bubble Jet technology is at the heart of the S series printers.

Printer Ink Innovation

The Bubble Jet is a fantastic innovation in printing technology but it is only as good as the ink you put in. Using non brand, remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges with your Canon S series printer is a sure fire way to reduce the number of pages you can print, the quality of each print and the lifespan of the printer. Just Ink and Paper only supply genuine replacement ink cartridges that will work exactly as intended by the printer manufacturer. Ordering your canon ink cartridges is nice and easy with our online system. Either use the search bar or find your printer in the list on this page.

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